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118 King George Road

Warren, NJ 07059

732 469-5044

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Trinity United Church is a small congregation, currently with under 100 members. We are an active congregation, which welcomes new members and guests to join us as we become increasingly focused on bringing the word of Christ to our Church and community. We have a strong sense of fellowship, community, and support among our congregational members and our worship is spiritual, comfortable, helpful, warm, and God-centered. Our Christian education program for our children and our choir’s ministry are both strong testaments to Christ and we provide many opportunities for small-group experiences and fellowship.


The Mission of Trinity United Church is to share in carrying on God’s work of reconciliation in Warren and in the changing world, to serve the needs of all members and families of this congregation, the community, institutions, and nations, and to provide opportunities for men, women, and children to live creatively and become whole persons under the Lordship of Christ.

How Is Our Mission Carried Out

Our Worship and Celebration of Christ’s Word encompass the rituals, sacraments and individual aids that set and sustain the climate necessary for praising and growing closer to God. These include: Sunday Worship Service; special services at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving; Youth Sunday; and adult choir.

Member Care includes all activities that generally reflect our loving care, support and communication with members of our congregation through: Koinonia Groups, Fellowship Programs, Visitation Programs, Women’s Circle, and Prayer Chain.

Christian Education provides programs to help people gain knowledge and develop understanding as Christians. These include: church school, retreats, youth groups, leadership training, Bible study classes, adult classes, and confirming-commissioning classes.

Outreach discovers and serves the needs of the community and world beyond our congregation through the general missions of the Presbyterian Church and the United Church of Christ, Blood Drive, Star Fish, and local emergency relief efforts.

Evangelism brings Christ to those outside our congregation by inviting them to commit their lives to Him through the Home Visitation Program and Individual Witness.

Buildings and Grounds maintain the physical plant to ensure a safe and effective use of the property we own.

Financial Interpretation and Stewardship develops and utilizes the time, talent and treasure of the congregation through tithing, growth in giving, pledging, and proportionate giving of one’s resources.

Leadership and Administration informs, coordinates and sees that the programs of the Church are effectively carried out through the church newsletter, trustees, leadership development, and implementation of Diaconate and church policy.

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After approximately twenty years, the relationship between our Pastor and our congregation was dissolved in December, 1998. We are currently working to locate an Interim minister and then a permanent minister.

During the past year, God sent a small group, Fellowship Bible Chapel, to our door asking permission to use our Church on Sunday afternoons. The Diaconate approved the arrangement. With permission of the Presbytery and the United Church of Christ, Pastor Thelma Pickell of the Chapel stepped in to give inspiring Sermons and Bible study to a joint congregation.

Due to our affiliated denominations’ pastoral certification requirements, we are unable to retain Pastor Pickell. Therefore, we will be continuing our search. As this proceeds we are deeply indebted for the support shown by the Fellowship Bible Chapel and sincerely hope they will continue to make use of our facilities.

In our search, we are looking for a Spiritual and Administrative leader to work with a dedicated Diaconate to accomplish the Mission of the Church and to enhance the Membership by making full use of the Church facilities and our congregants’ talents. Our Pastor is very fortunate to reside in a fairly modern Manse in a lovely neighborhood a short distance from the Church. The community, schools, churches and organizations are well represented on the Warren Web Site.

For information, please contact The Session Clerk at 732-469-5044 or e-mail to

Note: The Diaconate felt strongly that Trinity United Church should have an Internet Web Site. However, they recognize that the Minister, Diaconate and the Congregation should work together in the site preparation. As soon as a new minister joins the Church family this site will be reviewed and necessary changes made.

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The Pastor conducts an Adult Bible Study class each Sunday prior to the worship service. Passages from the Bible are discussed and related to contemporary living. There is time allotted to discuss current events, as related to Christian values. Non-scheduled discussion groups meet from time to time in various locations. Members are encouraged to enjoy coffee and participate in informal discussion after services on Sunday.

Sunday School meets before the worship service. As children arrive before the scheduled time, they participate in crafts activities, led by the Sunday School staff. This year, teaching stressed the Commandments, the Armor of God, the Fruit of the Spirit, and finished with the Youth Sunday program. As with many small congregations, the studies depend on the age distribution of the group. Older children assist the teachers, while also participating in their own learning activities. Mentoring has been a great success. We are careful to select groups that will maximize educational objectives. For this year’s mission project, the children are supporting a young member who is now serving in the Peace Corps in Kazakstan.

Older members, parents, and children are encouraged to invite guests to participate in the educational program and worship.

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Our Beginning

As we are today

In October 1968, United Presbyterian and other families met with members of Warren United Church of Christ for worship, thus commencing a joint Christian ministry in Warren Township.

After eighteen months of mutual ministry, the participating families celebrated the selection of a name, Trinity United Church, and official recognition as a congregation of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and the United Church of Christ.

After meeting in the Mount Horeb school gym for a number of years, the congregation voted to renovate the present structure on King George Road. The newly refurbished building with Sunday School rooms and office space was dedicated in 1979. Our one large meeting room is the center for worship and fellowship activities.

Following an intensive mission design study in 1979, we wrote the following statement about how we see Trinity United Church: "We see Trinity United Church as a friendly, caring congregation, seeking the will of God. We encourage flexibility in our response to God and are willing to explore new ways of serving others in our church and the larger community."

"We realize that we have a long way to go in our growth in faith, outreach, educational programs, evangelism, membership fellowship, stewardship and community identity."

It is into this spirit of growth and pilgrimage that we, Trinity United Church, invite you to join us as we seek to be obedient to Christ, practice God’s Word, as revealed to us in Christ Jesus’ teachings, in our daily lives, and work to bring the joy of our faith to our community at large.

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Address Trinity United Church
118 King George Road
Warren, New Jersey 07059
Manse 181 Mount Horeb Road
Warren, New Jersey 07059
Phone 732-469-5044

This historic church, located in beautiful Somerset County, complements its natural, suburban setting. The building is flanked by an over 150 year old cemetery on one side, and a contemporary Memorial Garden on another. The church itself was enlarged to provide a choir loft, office space and facilities. The basement was modernized to include a kitchen and comfortable meeting rooms. We are proud that we make use of the sanctuary for both worship and God-inspired fellowship activities.

The Manse is located a short distance from the Church. The building is a 1950’s ranch with additions to provide comfortable space for the Minister and a fair sized family. Recently a large deck area was added, with sliding glass doors that overlook a peaceful wooded setting. Though once rural with dairy farms and orchards, Warren is changing into a lovely residential area with many large homes. Its elementary school system is excellent, and Warren high school students attend the nationally acclaimed, blue-ribbon Watchung Hills Regional High School.

Warren is located between US Route 78 (Exit 36 ) on the north and US Route 22 on the south. The historic town center of Warrenville has developed to provide many convenient, yet tasteful, shops. We are indeed fortunate to have excellent access to Princeton, New York City and to many of New Jersey’s attractions, such as cultural arts and science centers and the beautiful coastline.

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Choir Rehearsal
Adult Education and Sunday School
Traditional Service
Communion 1st Sunday each Month


Diaconate Meets 2nd Tuesday each Month


Choir Rehearsal

Fellowship activities on Sunday afternoons and as announced

Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Dinners

Strawberry Festival

Craft Bazaar

Christmas Carol Sing



Easter Service, 1999

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Easter Choir, 1999

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